Evan Pratten

Software Developer

[email protected]


AS204466 provides IPv6 connectivity to experimenters, as well as IPv4 connectivity to amateur radio operators.

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Network goals

  • Focus on IPv6 adoption
  • Maintain the lowest possible cost of operation
  • Learn new things


Looking to peer with the network? Send me a message, and I'll work something out with you. Physical co-location is not a requirement, I do most of my work through WireGuard tunnels, and am up to trying new things.


The following is the as204466 prefix breakdown. This list should be fairly up to date, but real-time announcements can be viewed here.

Currently, these blocks are announced from the following locations:

  • London, UK (Interxion LON1)
  • Toronto, Canada (Equinix TR2)


If you or your company would like to get in touch, please contact me. I currently handle all aspects of operation for as204466, and network issues will be treated with urgency.