Evan Pratten

Software Developer


Working in and around the animation industry for since 2020, and working with a bunch of CAD designers beforehand, I have been fairly immersed in the world of 3D animation for a while. I am not a particularly good artist, but I use my minimal art skills to produce short animations as learning experiments. When I animate something, I am usually making heavy use of a piece of technology in the project that I either want to learn about on my own, or need to learn about for work-related reasons.

An example of a project made out of necessity is embedded below. This robotic arm was built to learn about object constraints, rigs, and inverse kinematics:

I also have fairly extensive experience working with Adobe Flash through some animation courses I took in highschool. I don't have access to my old school projects anymore, and even if I did, its not like I could embed a flash project into a website anymore anyways.