Evan Pratten

Software Developer


Almost as long as I have been doing photography, I have been recording and editing videos. I have slowly been upgrading my gear over the years. I started with an old point & shoot that shot in standard definition owned by my parents, then eventually got myself a GoPro Hero 3 (which recently became my webcam).

With these first two cameras, I filmed parkour videos with friends, as well as a project of mine where I filmed and edited daily vlogs for a few months. These never got published. The goal of my vlog project was to learn more about camera usage, film techniques, video editing, and YouTube publishing back in the middle of elementary school. I still have the finished videos on a hard drive somewhere, and its neat to look back at what I was doing back then.

I then moved on to my second camera, a GoPro Hero 5 Black. This was, and still is used to film many of my video projects due to its versatility. With this camera, I produced a vlog-style video series with some friends in 8th grade for my graduating class to document our final school trip together. This is one of the videos in the series:

Looking back on that project, I really should have got myself a camera stabilizer, but aside from that, I'm happy with the results, especially for the short time frame I had to produce the 4-episode series.

Around the same time, I was producing music videos with a group of friends as a part of the RetryLife project. Unfortunately, every single one of these videos no longer exists. In my time editing these videos, I learned a lot about motion tracking, compositing, motion graphics, and more.

In highschool, I produced two videos for my robotics team, Raider Robotics. These were both shot under an extremely tight schedule, and both on other people's smartphones. The first video is the robot reveal for HATCHField, and the second is the reveal for Darth Raider. For more info on these, see my robotics hobby page.

HATCHField Reveal

Darth Raider Reveal