Evan Pratten

Software Developer


Hi, I'm VA3ZZA

Tying many of my hobbies together is Amateur Radio. I have been licensed with the callsign VA3ZZA since December 15th 2020.

My interest in amateur radio came in 2018, when I discovered with world of software-defined radios. In the time between discovering amateur radio and getting licensed I

After getting licensed and receiving my callsign, I immediately got on the air (quite literally) and started participating in local nets, occasional simplex QSOs, and more.

Finding me on the air

I primarily operate 40m CW, and 70cm FM voice, with no particular schedule. If you hear me calling CQ, some say hi! I also beacon myself and my qth via APRS at regular intervals if you want to find me in-person. I also usually monitor Echolink in some form, so you may be able to reach me via my phone (#636611) or simplex node (#687289).

To see when I am calling CQ on the HF bands, check out the handy chart below:

If you would like to schedule a QSO with me, please contact me via my email at the top of this page.

The "shack"

I operate from my college dorm, equipped with a Baofeng UV-5R, and an Elecraft KX2 HF Transceiver. I love both radios, and they nicely fit my plan of exclusively operating QRP.

Due to the restrictions of operating indoors, during the winter months my HF antenna is a bent dipole made of scrap ethernet cables, and when I am outdoors I operate with an endfed-half-wave made of speaker wire.


VA3ZZA-L is my homebrew UHF simplex node. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3B+, feeding into a slightly modified generic USB sound card with a custom PTT circuit, then into an extra Baofeng UV-5R. Finally, this feeds into a UHF antenna I currently have mounted up high, attached to the side of the building I live in. The whole setup is running at 3W, and provides enough coverage for me to hit the node from anywhere on campus.

If you would like to call in to my node, dial up node number 687289 on any echolink-compatible repeater, node, or software client.