Evan Pratten

Software Developer

Projects: Kobo Ereader Hacking

I got myself into the weird world of hacking ereaders a while back. Most Kobo products are just poorly secured Linux machines. These projects abuse various aspects of the firmware upgrade process to load custom code onto my ereader.

Kobo Rust Library

kobo-rs is a minimal Rust library for interacting with modified Kobo e-readers. This is designed for use in applications running on the Kobo, not over the network.

This is my current core Kobo library used in various other (mostly private) projects.

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Kobo Tweaks

This project contains some of my earlier Kobo tweaks and tools, and was used as my initial bootstrapping environment for later work.

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The KoboSSH project contains the tools needed to compile dropbear for the arm-kobo-linux-gnueabihf system (all recent Kobo products). This binary is used for root shell access on Kobo devices which, in my case, is used to deploy and debug software on e-readers.

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KoLib is a modern C++ library to assist in development of software targeting Kobo products. This project was superseded by my Kobo Rust library.

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