Evan Pratten

Software Developer

Projects: Minecraft

I tend to spend more time modifying Minecraft than I do actually playing the game. Most of the projects in this section were commissioned by friends.

Frost Bucket

FrostBucket is a server-side Minecraft plugin that adds a new item, the Frost Bucket. This item turns water into ice. The FrostBucket plugin does not have any intentional practical use, but just exists to satisfy a concept brought up on a late-night Discord call: "What if you could put Frost Walker on a bucket?"

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Blood Cod Plugins

The Blood Cod Plugins pack is a monolithic server-side Minecraft plugin for use on a private survival multiplayer server. The goal of this plugin is to integrate the server history and lore into gameplay by providing custom NBT-backed items, crafting recipes, and advancements.

Features include:

  • Godlike powers for religious leaders
  • Advancements for various religious events
  • Advancements for entering various important areas
  • New craftable items:
    • Tank water of Cod
    • Bread of Cod

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XANDGORT Powers is a server-side Minecraft plugin that gives superpowers to my admin account. Primarily for messing around with misbehaving players on servers I manage.

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Contributor Capes

Contributor Capes is a lightweight Minecraft mod that allows modpack developers to award capes to project contributors.

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MarketCap is a Paper server plugin that scans all inventories in a world to estimate the number of certain items in circulation. Users may set up search filters and query the number of certain items in circulation.

This plugin was designed to keep track of currency distribution in a private server.

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MinimapServer is an open-source re-implementation of xaero96's Minimap API for his popular Xaero's Minimap and Xaero's World Map Minecraft mods.

This is a server-side library, for use in other plugins.

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