Evan Pratten

Software Developer


About me

I'm a Canadian software developer, 3D artist, photographer, network operator, musician, blogger, amateur radio operator, IPv6 nerd, drone pilot, and general maker of things. I love to experiment with little-used technologies, and specialize in making things interconnect.

As always, I'm working on multiple projects at the same time and have my head crammed full of technobabble. Currently, I am:

Amateur Radio

I am a fairly active Amateur Radio operator. The following table is a reference list of my current, future, and past callsigns:

VA3ZZAActiveMy primary callsign
VA3UJFActiveTesting & automated transmissions
VB3YEETFutureSpecial Event

My current license class is Basic with Honours, and I have been on-air since late 2020. More station information may be found at my QRZ page.


I make music too! Nearly all electronic; a mix of samplers, raw sound design from oscillators, and everything in-between. The following are my three most recent releases:

Album Art
Album Art
Album Art

For more music content, check out my music page.